• Welcome to Geometry


    We look forward to an enjoyable year and would like to share with you our expectations for the year. 


    Geometry Syllabus


    General Rules:  Be prompt, prepared, and polite. This means you must be in your seat when the bell rings with your binder open.


    Binder:  You will need a 3-ring binder to be used only for math. This will be supplied by us.  All work and hand-outs must be kept in your binder.  Notes must be taken each day. They should include the date, any specific directions, any examples written on the board and any problems worked in class.  All handouts, quizzes, and tests are to be kept in your binder. Your 3-ring binder will be collected and graded periodically.


    Tests and Quizzes and Projects:  Quizzes will be given frequently.  Advanced notice is not always given.  Tests will be given at the end of each unit.  Advanced notice will always be given. Projects will be given at the end of each unit.


    Absences: If you miss class for band, chorus, or a field trip, it is still your responsibility to have your work completed the following day. See either Miss Estey or Mrs. Lambiase before or after class if needed.  If you miss class because of illness, you are expected to get any notes and homework that was assigned.  Always look in the folder on the bulletin board when you return for any worksheets that you missed.  Any missed tests or quizzes will be taken on the 1st day you are back in class unless the absence was 3 days or more.


    Grading: Grades will be based on the following approximations:

                Mastery  80%       Effort 20%


                The subdivisions are as follows:

    Homework, classwork, class participation   20%

    Quizzes   30%

    Unit tests and projects  50%


    Parent Communications:  Progress reports are provided approximately every five weeks.  Parents may contact us by email.  Our emails are samantha.estey@hffmcsd.org and jean.lambiase@hffmcsd.org


    Academic Fraud and Cheating: Cheating is defined as giving or receiving illegal help on anything that has been determined by the teacher to be an individual effort. Academic dishonesty  is a serious offense and will result in consequences which can significantly affect a student’s course grade. See the Student Handbook for additional information.




    Course Description:


    Topics we will study during the course of this year include: 

    • Constructions (3 weeks)
    • Vocabulary and working with angles (2 weeks)
    • Logic (3 weeks)
    • Geometric proofs and congruence (5 weeks)
    • Triangles (2 weeks)
    • Trigonometry (2 weeks)
    • Transformational geometry (2 weeks)
    • Solid Geometry (5 weeks)
    • Equations of lines with slope (2 weeks)
    • Parallel and perpendicular lines (1 week)
    • Polygons (1 week)
    • Circles (4 weeks)
    • Locus (1 week)