• Wabbitemu is available on some Chromebooks through the PlayStore.


    Wabbitemu TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Emulator Instructions for PC


    Go to the following website to download the operating system (OS 2.55 MP):


    Save the operating system on your computer. (This works on Windows, Mac & Android)

    Go to this website http://wabbit.codeplex.com/


    Download Wabbitemu.  You will be asked to agree to the license.






    Run Wabbitemu.exe







    Select “Create a ROM image using open source software.”








    Select Calculator Type TI-84 Plus.








    OS Selection – Browse for TI-84 Plus OS file you saved on your computer.









    Save as a ROM file (I named mine Wabbit84PlusROM).








    The Wabbitemu should appear on your desktop.









    From the View Menu, select "Enable skin."








    The Wabbitemu appears on your desktop. Turn on the emulator.


















    Right click on the white rabbit. Select "Pin this program to the taskbar."






    If you are successful, the Wabbitemu Emulator icon changes from a white rabbit to a calculator with rabbit on your taskbar.


    Click on the icon to use the emulator.




    Instructions provided by Mr. D'Andrea