Food Services


    Free school meals

    Free meals are available in all schools, to all students.    

    Only complete school meals will be free and are limited to one breakfast and lunch per child, per day.

    Snacks, drinks, second meals, and anything else that would normally carry an extra charge will still be full price. 

    As a result of waivers from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the 2021-2022 school year, breakfast and lunch meals will be provided at no charge for students enrolled in Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery CSD regardless of student eligibility.   

    Although school meals are available at no cost to students this school year, applying for meal benefits is still very important!  By applying for meal benefits you may be eligible for the following:

    • P-EBT Funding
    • Free or reduced fees for sports
    • Reduced registration fees for AP Exams
    • Discounted rates on college application fees

    Your application affects funding in many areas!

    • School Funding
    • Internet & Technology
    • Access to grants
    • Resources for classrooms, teachers & children

    To apply for free and reduced-price school meals, please complete a 2021-2022 Application for Free and Reduced Meals.  

    Kathryn Coakley
    Food Service Director


    Important Notice about Your Child’s School Cafeteria Program

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