Early Dismissals




    For all early dismissal days listed in the school district's calendar, the dismissal time for the individual schools will be as follows: 


    High School                                                                  10:50 AM

    Fort Montgomery Elementary School                11:00 AM - Pre-K  / 11:30 AM - K-2

    Highland Falls Intermediate School                   11:30 AM  





    The procedure for early dismissal due to unforeseen circumstances is as follows:


    1. The Superintendent will make the decision of the necessity to close the district.
    2. The bus companies will be notified of the need for transportation.
    3. Schools will be dismissed in the following order:

    High School,  HF Intermediate, then Fort School 

    While it is virtually impossible for the school to contact each parent or guardian in the case of an early dismissal, every effort will be made to do so, particularly at the primary level.   Please check your e-mail if you have provided us with your e-mail address.  You may also view the local cable channel in your township for any emergency information.  Parents are urged to instruct their children as to where they should go for adult supervision if it becomes necessary to close.