Social Worker

  •                                       School Social Worker                                                                           

    Sarah FitzSimmons, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) is the School Social Worker for the district.  Her office is in James I. O'Neill High School, where her caseload primarily exists, but she is available to provide services and consultation on a district-wide, as-needed basis.  She has been a New York State certified School Social Worker for several years, and is responsible for the following areas:

    • Individual and Group Counseling, both IEP and Section 504 students as indicated, and any other students who may request confidential counseling services. 
    • Substance Abuse counseling and referrals as needed. 
    • Section 504 Chairperson for the High School.  Students that qualify receive accommodations or program modifications under this legal framework.  The 504 Committee meets on a weekly basis to consider students who may qualify for services under this program or to discuss students who already have a 504 Accommodation Plan that may be experiencing difficulty wth their current academic program.


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