Course Outline

  • Mr. Patsch                                                                               Contact Information                                                                                                                                    E-mail:

    Grade 6 Science

    Grade3-5 Math AIS                                                                    Phone: 845-446-4761




                -All classroom rules correlate with the Highland Falls Intermediate School Student Code of Conduct. 


    Grading Policy: 

                Students will be graded for their overall class performance in class.  Overall performance consists of, knowledge of subject matter, participation, and behavior.  Students will be held responsible for all homework, classwork, quizzes, projects and tests given throughout the school year.  Rubrics will be used throughout the year to guide the student’s performance.  

    Grading Percentage:

    • Homework= 10%
    • Tests, quizzes, labs and projects= 60%
    • Participation/Conduct= 5%
    • Class work=25%


                -Please check the website for daily homework, updates on our Classroom News and other helpful links.