All County Band

  • All County Dates- If your child is interested in participating in All County Band this year, you need to put the following dates on your calendar. Should they make the group they need to be at all rehearsals for the entire time. If they make the band and then back out, they are not allowed to audition the following school year. So please write these dates on your calendar.

    Also, if they do choose to audition, they must meet with me at least once a week to check in and work on music together after school. Sometimes I will cancel after school as I know they are on the right track, but it always good to check in to see if extra time is necessary. 
    *All times are TBA

    Elementary (grades 5-6)
    Audition:        TBA              Location:  TBA
    Audition Snow Date:   TBA  Location:  TBA
    Pre-rehearsal:       TBA            Location: TBA
    Festival:      TBA                 Location:  TBA
    Junior High (grades 7-9)
    Audition:    TBA                       Location:  TBA
    Audition Snow Date:   TBA        Location: TBA
    Orchestra Pre-rehearsal: TBA     Location: TBA
    Fetival: TBA                      Location: TBA
    *Please see you children for permission slips as they become available.