Music Recordings

  • Band is back in session! 

    Halloween Songs we performed as a band! Check out the songs below.

    Advanced Wind Ensemble: "Ghostbusters"

    Band 5 & Band 6: "Five Little Pumpkins",  but they are separate recordings.

    Having trouble with your scales? Listen to them and play along. Make sure you transpose them to your instrument if necessary. They are listed below in concert pitch.

    5th Grade

    Trumpets: Having trouble remembering what each note is supposed to sound like?  Check out the links below, they will say "trumpet" and then the letter of the note, for example: Trumpet-C is the trumpet C.  

    Trombones:  Check your sounds out too!

    It is NOT the same for all instruments.

    Band 7/8

    Here are some links to help you learn your parts.


    • Click on the link below and type in the song title into the "keywords" section. 
    • Scroll down to the song title and double check the number below the title matches the one I put here online. 
    • Below the song it will say Mp3Audio.  Click on it and it should play automatically.

    **Here is a link to an online metronome to help you keep time.  Click on the dots around the metronome to change the speed of the clicks.

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