Social Studies 6

  • Welcome to Grade 6 Social Studies- The Eastern Hemisphere

    Mrs. Evangelista                   HFIS phone- (845) 446-4761

    This year we will embark on an academic journey. Grade 6 Social Studies is based on the geography and history of the Eastern Hemisphere with focus placed upon the development of cultures, civilizations, and empires. In addition we will examine the interaction of these societies as well as compare their government and economic systems.


    All Highland Falls Intermediate School and District rules apply in this classroom.

    (Code of Conduct can be found on the district web site)

    • Respect- As your teacher I will treat each student with respect. I expect all students to conduct themselves with dignity, honesty, and integrity. Students will display respect for your teacher, yourself, and classmates.

    Respect is my #1 Rule and when followed correctly no others are necessary.

    Classroom Expectations

    Students need to be:

    • In their assigned seat at the bell

    • Be prepared and ready to work

    • Write down the homework assignment each day

    • Promptly begin the opening assignment

    • Conduct oneself appropriately throughout the class period

    • Follow all classroom and school rules

    Students will be Ready to Learn. I will be Ready to Teach.


    Homework- 10%

    Tests/Essays/Projects- 50%

    Classwork/Quizzes- 35%

    Academic Behavior (effort and behavior)- 5%

    • Tests, Essays, and Projects- There will be a number of tests and essays assigned throughout the school year. Essays are due on the date assigned. Make-up tests will be given only for legal school absences.

    • Homework- Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period on the following meeting day unless otherwise specified. Late assignments will be determined and credit given only after consultation between the teacher and student, as well as parents if necessary. In most cases students will lose 10 points per day until the assignment is completed.

    • Classwork/Quizzes- Individual and Group Work assigned during class will be assessed and graded. Quizzes will be announced as well as content to be covered.

    • Class Participation- Active participation makes history come alive. Students will receive credit for answering questions, staying on task during independent and group work opportunities, taking daily notes, and chronicling class assignments. Inappropriate or disruptive behavior will negatively impact this grade. Effort and enthusiasm will be rewarded!!


    This class supports the one binder system. A social studies section should be maintained in the binder with filler paper and pencils available for classroom use. Students should have a social studies folder to help organize papers.

    We are a GOOGLE CLASSROOM! Our Google Classroom site will serve as a communication tool that allows students and parents to navigate assignments and classroom activities.

    • Google Classroom- Students have successfully created online accounts that are ready to access at home. Find assignments, worksheets, projects, and due date information all in one place. A great way to help your student at home!

    • Remind!- Please sign up for Remind updates for additional classroom communication. Due dates, photos, updates, and more!

    • NEWSELA- Students now have an active online account to help locate current events at appropriate reading levels. This is an excellent resource for school and at home.