Visual perception, or processing, refers to how visual information is interpreted by the brain.  This is different from problems involving sight or visual sharpness.  When there are difficulties with interpretation, various difficulties can arise both at home and in the school setting.  It is normal for children to exhibit some problems;  however multiple problems may imply great difficulties.



    Common problems in WRITING:

    ü  Dislikes or avoids writing

    ü  Incomplete or messy papers with many cross outs and erasures

    ü  Difficulty remembering how to form shapes, letters, and/or numbers

    ü   Frequent letter and/or number reversals

    ü  Uneven spacing between letters and/or words

    ü  Omits letters from words or words from sentences

    ü  Inaccurate copying of text from chalkboard or textbook

    ü  Difficulty or inaccurate spelling, may spell words phonetically

    ü  Difficulty spotting errors in work, preparing outlines, and/or organizing work



     Common problems in READING:

    ü  Confuses similar looking letters (ie. b and d, p and q)

    ü  Difficulty recognizing/remembering “sight” words

    ü  Frequently loses place when reading

    ü  Confuses similar looking words (ie. bread and beard)

    ü  Reverses words (ie. was and saw)

    ü  Has difficulty finding key letters and words in sentences

    ü  Poor comprehension of main ides/themes



    Common problems in MATH:

    ü  Poor alignment of numbers resulting in computation errors

    ü  Difficulty memorizing math facts

    ü  Difficulty reading and interpreting graphs and pictures 

    ü  Has difficulty finding key numbers or math symbols on the page




    ü  Poor sense of direction including poor left/right confusion

    ü  Does not pick up on visual clues (moods, feelings, facial expressions of others)

    ü  Difficulty with puzzles, mazes, & games