Grade 1

  • In Grade 1:
    Reminder:  Please check out our Class Dojo for more pictures and updates.   
    This year in First Grade:
    Students will learn many concepts and develop into published movie editors. We will use Chatterpix to record our voices for a few programs of study. We will also be using Google Classroom heavily.  If you are not sure what it is please see the information below the Google Classroom Heading. We will continue our Coding studies and move to Course 2 along with Kodable this year. We will bring the Bee Bots out for more adventures and learn from a little robot called Sphero. This robot uses Blue Tooth Pairing so we have a long conversation about this as sometimes we connect to the teachers devices in our hallway and have to reset our pairing.  We also will be engineering, traveling to Space and a few more surprises. I look forward to an exciting year with the First Grade Students. 
    Google Classroom and Logging on to the Computer: 
    Our passwords are a secret for good digital citizenship however, our usernames are special to each one of us.  We use the first three letters of our first name followed by the first three letters of our last name and the month and day of our birth in numeral form. Ask your student their username and please practice it with them.  When we log on to the computer we set up our accounts to make GOOGLE our default search engine as well as log into Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a place where I can assign students work, activities or even practice our typing. We have used it for three years in grades 3-5 and now I am lucky enough to use it with the Fort to get the students actively participating in their learning on the computer. As we get going their is an option of having parents see their students work. If you would like this please fill out the  below form so I can add you to our class. If you were previoulsy connected it will continue to have you connected this year.