Grade 6

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    So glad to work with the 6th graders again this year. We will be continuing our studies and diving deeper into creativity with 3D Printing/ Prototyping and Architectural Design Projects. 

    STREAM with Mrs. Magyar

    What Exactly is STREAM?

    You’ve probably heard a lot about STEM in the news lately. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. In our school setting, we use  STREAM as an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Math come together in one magnificent class. When these areas are taught in an integrated way, students are better able to appreciate how each part is necessary for the success of any complex, real-world project. The idea behind STREAM education is to prepare students for successful careers in the 21st-century workforce.


    What can I do to make my student better at STREAM?

    Encourage them to tinker, take things apart, see how things work.

    Build things, help put together new furniture, operate a screwdriver, or hammer.


    What if they have lessons?

    They are still responsible for the work they miss, They are to check in with me before going to their lesson.


    What activities will they do in STREAM?


    Grade 6

    Google Classroom




    Research projects with multimedia presentations

    Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship



    Can I save materials for you?

    YES! I love newspapers, cardboard packaging that is interesting, foam materials, packing peanuts, clean plastic yogurt containers, clean milk lids.

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