A Message from Ms. Brand

  • Welcome to James I. O'Neill's website.  Like our school and district, this site will provide you with resources, answers to questions and ways to connect with the school. 

    Here at JIO, we are fortunate enough to have a faculty, staff and student body that are passionate about the success of our school, our students, and our community.  In so many ways, James I. O'Neill is an extension of the myriad communities it serves. We foster the principles of ethics and character that students learn from their family and friends. We facilitate the education that our community values. We nurture our students to make school a home away from home. 

    These tasks are often challenging and sometimes require that different students are offered individualized attention and opportunities.  Whichever paths our students pursue and whatever help they may need along the way, the goal of the administration and faculty is to treat students fairly and to create a school atmosphere that will maintain our goal of a rigorous, well-rounded and fulfilling education.

    As with so many things in life, school is what one makes of it.  Opportunities abound at James I. O'Neill - our outstanding alumni are evidence of how individuals can realize their potential as students and as people by taking advantage of the resources, activities, and opportunities they will find here.  

    I hope that your experiences at James I. O'Neill exceed your expectations and that students leave our campus feeling equipped to face the challenges of life and the world.  

    Enjoy your school year!

    Ms. Debbie M. Brand


Ms. Brand