•  Academics at JIO

    James I. O'Neill High School has a variety of academic programs to serve students with varying levels of abilities and interests.  Aside from the traditional core courses required for graduation, many departments also offer a wide array of electives. Students can take courses in JROTC, computer programming, music production, Chinese, Public Speaking, History and Hollywood, and many different studio art classes just to name a few.

    Students also have the opportunity to take Regents, Honors, AP, and College-Affiliated courses in many departments. SUPA (Syracuse University Project Advance) courses, as well as classes affiliated with other colleges, give students opportunities to earn college credit for a fraction of the price they would pay while in a collegiate setting.  Additionally, many universities accept the transcripts for these courses and apply them toward graduation credit required on the collegiate level. 

    In addition to these courses, JIO also offers a host of classes which allow students to get additional support wherever they may need it. Some students may also want to pursue opportunities afforded through the C-Tech at BOCES. They have programs which address a wide-variety of skills that are of high interest to many students.

    Whichever course of study students plan to pursue, it is important for all students to review the course catalog to ensure they know the courses they need for graduation, pre-requisite courses they need to take to qualify for advanced-level courses, and courses that may help them to identify future interests or career paths. Please visit our department websites (listed in the sidebar) to learn about what each has to offer.

    JIO affords students the opportunity to get a well-rounded education. Be sure to take advantage of all the programs we have to offer.