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     Welcome to Mrs. Kimbiz's Speech, Language, and Communication Classroom! 

    What is a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and what do they do?
    A school-based SLP works with students to facilitate their skills in the areas of: speech articulation, language comprehension, verbal expression, vocabulary, auditory processing, fluency, voice, pragmatics, and phonological awareness. 
    Speech articulation: The ability to produce speech sounds and sequence sounds to produce clear speech that a listener can understand.
    Language comprehension: The ability to understand spoken and/or written language.
    Verbal expression: The ability to produce grammatically correct spoken language in a clear and coherent manner. 
    Vocabulary: The ability to understand and use age-appropriate content words and basic concepts, as well as to identify and express word relationships.
    Auditory processing: The ability to interpret spoken information in a timely manner. This includes auditory memory and the ability to recall spoken information.
    Fluency: The ability to speak without excessive tension or hesitation. *For children who stutter, speech-language therapy fosters positive attitudes towards communication and elimination of secondary and avoidance behaviors.
    Voice: The ability to use an optimal pitch and loudness when speaking. This includes identifying and eliminating vocal abuse and encouraging vocal hygiene.
    Phonological awareness: The ability to identify and manipulate speech sounds. Phonological awareness skills are critical pre-literacy skills.
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