AP United States History

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    For Summer Assignment - See the link below. Please email me directly at amy.patino@hffmcsd.org to get the instructions on how to register for the Online textbook and support materials. Also feel free to email any questions about the sumemr assignment. Students may also submit a rough draft for me to read and provide feedback. 

    TEXT:   American History, 15th Edition by Alan Brinkley

    Students have an online version as well as the option for a hard copy.


    The AP U.S. History course focuses on developing students’ understanding of American history from approximately 1491 to the present. The course has students investigate the content of U.S. history for significant events, individuals, developments, and processes in nine historical periods, and develop and use the same thinking skills and methods (analyzing primary and secondary sources, making historical comparisons, chronological reasoning, and argumentation) employed by historians when they study the past. The course also provides seven themes (American and national identity; migration and settlement; politics and power; work, exchange, and technology; America in the world; geography and the environment; and culture and society) that students explore throughout the course in order to make connections among historical developments in different times and places.-- Excerpted from The College Board

    Besides the chronology, the course will also look at the following themes as they relate to various periods of U.S. history:

    • American and National Identity
    • Politics and Power
    • Work, Exchange, and Technology
    • Culture and Society
    • Migration and Settlement
    • Geography and the Environment
    • America in the World