• Marshmallow Bridges.  Students worked in groups of 3-4 to build a bridge that would get their matchbox car across the water.  The students were given the following supplies.  50 Mini marshmallows, 25 Toothpicks and 30 pieces of spaghetti.  Check out the great designs they were able to come up with below.

  • Pipe Cleaner Tower Challenge:

    Challenge: Students  used pipe-cleaners to build the tallest, freestanding tower. 



    1. Students worked in groups of 2 - 4. 
    2. Each group got 14 pipe cleaners to work with.
    3. Students were asked that each engineering team build the tallest free-standing structure with the materials provided. Teams had approximately  20 minutes. Free-standing means the structure can not be held, taped, wedged between desks, etc. Ask for any clarification. 
    4. After all of the groups were done building their towers, we lined them all up and examined the different components of each tower.  We discussed the similiarties as well as the differences.  We also talked about the need for a solid foundation and support system and examined some other structures that have a solid base and support system.
    5. Students learned the benefits of builiding a tower with a good foundation and expierences what happened to their tower if it wasnt supported appropriately



    The towers built ranged from 2.50 inches all the way up to an AMAZING 21.50 inches!!!!  Check out all of the designs at the link below and check out the top three towers built below.


    Top three groups in terms of height were as follows:

    #3 with 19.50 inches was Ben Zeimer, Lucinda Powers, Mikey Nichols and Alfred Hiraldo:

    #3 Tower


    #2 with 19.75 inches was Ben Aprilante, Caleb Hatch, Keegan Trubenbach, and Jon Columbie:

    #2 Tower


    #1 with 21.50 inches was Daryln Rosa and Tomas Jimenez Pena:

    #1 Tower

    Check out all of the designs at the link below.