Academic Planning

  • The academic planning process is one that requires both a one-year perspective as well as a four-year one. When students are planning the classes they should take, they should look to work backwards from their long-term goals. First and foremost, students should ensure that they are taking the courses required for graduation both in New York State as well as in our specific district. Beyond that, they may also want to plan for their long-term interests. If they plan to attend a BOCES program in their junior year, for example, then they want to be sure to complete the required courses needed in order to be able to graduate on time. Students planning on pursuing a college degree may want to consider which courses would challenge them now and which ones will best prepare them for their future course of study. 

    The resources on this page will help students to plan and to pursue their interests. Click on the links below or to the left in order to learn more about your options.

    • Course Offerings Guide - This resource will give you an up-to-date list on the scheduling process and the courses O'Neill has to offer
    • Graduation Requirements - This resource will list the requirements students need to earn a high school diploma at O'Neill.
    • School Profile- This document is shared with colleges throughout the country in order to give them a snapshot of our programmatic offerings, details about our faculty, our students' overall GPA breakdown and standardized test scores, and a list of colleges that our most recent graduates are attending.