• Yashira Maldonado is looking forward to an incredible 2020-21 school year! She loves to inspire and encourage students here at Highland Falls Intermediate School to be the best they can be in and out of the classroom!

    Mrs. Maldonado began her teaching career 10 years ago as a teaching assistant in The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning (BBL). She developed and grew within BBL  from 1st-grade teacher to Lead Teacher to Instructional Coach and to Assistant Principal. Over her time at BBL she was able to work closely with staff, students, and parents/guardians on school initiatives, professional development, and community events.

    In 2017 Mrs.Maldonado moved to New Windsor, NY with her husband and children. Aaliyah is her oldest; starting 6th grade this fall, Aaron is the oldest son; starting 4th grade this fall, and Adam is the youngest; entering 2nd grade this fall. Mrs. Maldonado upholds the value of family and understands that it is the nucleus of society, she brings that perspective to HFIS as she actively seeks to engage parents and community members.

    Mrs. Maldonado joined the HFIS family in December 2017 and had a great year getting to know the students, staff, and community. Mrs. Maldonado believes that positive relationships are the key to learning and growing and she looks forward every year to build positive relationships with HFIS students, families, and teachers.