Athletic Director

  • Statement of Philosophy

    Interscholastic athletics in the Highland Falls ~ Fort Montgomery Central School District is a component of the Health and Physical Education program and therefore is an integral part of the district's total educational program.  Athletics should be a broadening experience in which harmony of mind-body functions is created through striving for physical and mental excellence.  This value-building experience should be offered to as many students as possible.  A well-coordinated program is vitally important to the morale of our school and community.

    Everyone involved in the delivery of athletics possesses a unique opportunity to teach positive life skills and values.  Therefore, this educational experience requires coaches to project an image which exemplifies everything that athletics stand for.  Desire, dedication, and self-discipline need to be developed in order to ensure the commitment and personal sacrifice required by athletes.  Making such a commitment helps to nurture integrity, pride, loyalty, and overall character.  The final outcome is a better citizen carrying these values throughout their life.

    It is the nature of athletic competition to strive for victory.  However, the number of victories is only one criterion when determining a season's success.  Guiding the team to attain maximum potential is the ultimate goal.  To this end, the coaching staff must teach student/athletes to prepare their minds and bodies in order to reach maximum potential, and then to be modest in victory and steadfast in defeat.

    Bryan Wilson, Athletic Director
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