• Ti-84 Algebra Common Core is taught using the TI-84 graphing calculator. There is a class set of calculators available for use during class. However, purchase of your own calculator is strongly suggested. Homework is assigned every day and will be worked on in class during the double period. There will be nights where homework is assigned to completed at home. **Late HW will only be accepted within 1 week from when it was assigned. Any HW handed in after one week will automatically be returned and graded as a 50.

    If you miss a quiz/test due to an absence, you must make it up after school within 1 week of the assignment. The grade will be entered as a zero. If one week passes, the zero remains a part of your grade. Please notify me beforehand, if possible, to get your missed work or to make up an assignment. 

    **If you miss class for band, chorus, field trip, etc… it is your responsibility to get the day’s notes and complete the HW assigned for that night. 

    Grades are based on the following criteria:

         Mastery (80%) which includes tests, quizzes, classwork and homework.

         Effort (20%) which includes class participation, Friday Folders, HW Folders and Algebra Planner. 

    This percentage may vary between quarters dependent upon how many grades are given. 

    Calendar - Schedule of Events is Tentative. Please keep up with updates in class! We will be using the eMath curriculum for 95% lessons. Refer to the link below for printables.

    9/21 - 1-1 Rates & Problem Solving

    9/22 - 1-2 Variables & Expressions

    9/23 - 1-3 Commutative & Associative Properties

    9/24 - 1-4 The Distributive Property

    9/25 - 1-5 Equivalent Expressions

    9/29 - 1-5A Practice

    9/30 - Quiz 1.1

    10/1 - 1-6 Exponents Multiplied

    10/2 - 1-7 Double Distribute Property

    10/5 - 1-7A Practice

    10/6 - Quiz 1.2

    10/7 - Asynchronous Assignment Posted To Google Classroom

    10/8 - 1-8 Simplifying Expressions

    10/9 - 1-9 Translating English to Algebra

    10/13 - Ticket To Success

    10/14 - Test Chapter 1