Introduction to Electronic Music

I am excited to be teaching this new music department offering.  In this class the students will be learning about where Electronic Music originated from and the many instruments that led to the development of the modern-day synthesizer.  The students will be exposed to the Pro Tools 11 Digital Audio Workstation and how the program is used to manipulate audio.  All class projects involve learning the capabilities of the pro tools program.

The students will study about subtractive synthesis and how oscillators, filters, envelope generators, signal modification processors, and the various modulation types affect the sounds produced by synthesizers. The students will learn about music in general and how all of the elements of music combine to create music.  The students will learn about the roles of various instruments found in popular music and how to create instrument parts.  The students will compose after they understand the roles of the instrument types.

The students will learn the basics of the piano keyboard and apply their knowledge to composing. 

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year: Students may take a full year of electronic music to satisfy the New York State requirement where all students must take one year of either art or music in order to graduate from high school.

The course is now a full year in length.

Please see the instructional videos below: