• ti-89 PreCalculus R is taught primarily using the TI-89 and TI-84 graphing calculators. There is a class set of TI-84 calculators available for use during class and a set of 10 TI-89's. However, purchase of your own calculator is strongly suggested. Homework is assigned every day and will be checked the next class. If you miss a quiz/test due to an absence, you must make it up after school within 1 week of the assignment. The grade will be entered as a zero. If one week passes, the zero remains a part of your grade. Please notify me beforehand, if possible, to get your missed work or to make up an assignment. 

    **If you miss class for band, chorus, field trip, etc… it is your responsibility to get the day’s notes and complete the HW assigned for that night. 

    Calendar - **Tentative**

    9/8 - Welcome Back to School (virtually), Course Expectations

    9/9 - P-1 Graphing Quadratic Functions

    9/10 - P-2 Factoring Review

    9/11 - P-3 The Zero Product Law

    9/14 - P-4 Solving Quadratics with Completing the Square

    9/15 - P-5 Solving Quadratics with the Quadratic Formula

    9/16 - Asynchronous - Quiz P.1

    9/17 - P-6 Simplifying Radicals

    9/18 - P-7 Fractional Exponents

    9/21 - Quiz P.2

    9/22 - P-8 Solving Systems of Equations using Substitution

    9/23 - P-9 Solving Systems of Equations using Elimination

    9/24 - P-10 Matrix Algebra

    9/25 - Quiz P.3

    9/29 - Chapter P Review

    9/30 - Test Chapter P (No Calculator)


  • PreCalculus Textbook 8th Edition

    This is the entire textbook for PreCalculus. Please be advised that this is the 8th edition whereas we are using the 5th edition in class. Most of the content has stayed the same but page numbers, lesson labels and question numbers will not match between the editions. This has been uploaded for you to use as a resource to supplement the class. 

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