• At this time, no new procurement requests for technology (software, apps, extensions, hardware) are being considered. 

Technology Procurement Governance

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  • What types of technology need to be evaluated?

    • Digital/web-based tools
    • Chrome extensions/applications
    • Software (to be installed on Windows desktop/laptop)
    • Peripheral device/hardware (printer, webcam, document camera, etc.)

    What questions do I have to answer regarding curriculum alignment?

    • Does this tool meet a specific need within my classroom?
    • How is this tool aligned to academic standards?
    • Is this tool develomentally appropriate?
    • Is this tool unique and we do not currently have any tool with the same function?
    • Does this tool allow for differentiation and cusomization of learning?
    • Does this tool provide accessiblility for al learners?
    • Does this tool facilitate the develoment of information and technology literacy skills?

    Do I have to answer specific questions about the tool?

    • Yes, you will need to indicate whether or the tool:
      • has an intuitive interface, 
      • requires students to log-in. 
      • allows users to log-in using their Google credentials. 
      • supports independent student use. 

    Do I have to submit a request if the tool I am interested in is free?

    • Yes, the tool must be evaluated prior to use if it requires students to log-in using any credentials. 

    If we (teachers and students) are able to log in use our HFFMCSD credentials, can we just use it?

    • No, the tool must evaluated prior to use. 

    Can I create student credentials (username and password)?

    • No, you cannot create usernames or passwords for students to use a tool. 

    What about chrome extensions?

    • All chrome extensions must be evaluated. 

    How long is the review process?

    • The review process will typically take one month. 

    Will I be consulted as a part of the decision-making?

    • All requests will be reviewed along with the requestor and the building principal. 

    Will I be notified of the results of the review?

    • Yes, you will be contacted with the final decision. 

    Who are the members of the Technology Procurement Governance Team?

    • Rachel Adelstein
    • Connor Craven
    • Nicole DeSousa
    • Nichole Hall
    • Stefan Klein
    • Kristen Magyar
    • Sheri McNair
    • Christen Rochman
    • Bridget Smith
    • Andrea Tejedor
    • Daniella Tuffy

    What is their role?

    • The members of the team will review the tool and determine who should be consulted in the decision-making. Along with the requestor they may pilot the tool before procuring it for others to use. Stefan Klein will review the tool to ensure that it is compatible with the platforms in the use in th district. Dr. Tejedor will review the privacy policy and terms of service. Nicole DeSousa will explore the best way to purchase the requested technology. 

    Where can I find a list of approved software/web-based tools/chrome extensions/etc.?

    • A list of all approved tools will be posted on this website. 
    • Each school will also have a customized dashboard that displays the apps that can be used. This is under development.