• School Registration for Incoming 9th Graders

     If you have a child who will attend the James I. O'Neill High School this Fall for the 2021-22 school year, you must first register them in the Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District. Registration is required for your incoming 9th grader even if you already have a child who attends O'Neill. It is vital that we receive your registration as soon as possible. This will enable Mrs. Milano, the 9th grade Guidance Counselor to create your child's schedule and allow you to receive this information and other important correspondence. 

    Contact the District Registar, via email Dawn Lent at dawn.lent@hffmcsd.org or by phone 845-446-9575 x 1600

    NOTE: If you have a child who attends the Highland Falls Intermediate School you do not need to re-register.

     You will need the following in order to enroll;

    • Completed Registration Packet
    • Three valid documents of proof of residency examples include; Lease or deed/mortgage statement, electric, cable, heating oil/gas, water/sewer, tax bill, valid driver's license (no PO Box) must be current and in the name of the parent/guardian. 
    • Proof of age- such as a passport or birth certificate or baptismal record
    • Immunization record- NYS Public Health Law 2164 requries all students have up to date immunizations in order to attend school. This is information is obtained regardless of in person or virtual instruction.
    • Current physical
    • Parent I.D. - This is required in order to establish a parent portal account with the new student regardless of whether there is an exisiting account for a child who already attends O'Neill
    • Custody/Guardianship documents, if applicable

     If you reside on the Installation and have a sponsor who is full time active duty or a full time DoD Civilian you are able to enroll your eligible  child at O'Neill High School. The following are required in addition to the documents listed above with the exception of proof of residency;

    • Sponsors active duty ID or military orders to prove duty status or SF 50 or DA 3434 (whichever applies)

    • Lease or Housing Lettter that incudes the address 

    • Student's military I.D. (front copy only) or birth certificate showing that the student is biologically related to sponsor or a copy of the DEERS verification. 

     When you are ready to submit the registration forms and required documents, please reach out to the District Registrar, Dawn Lent at dawn.lent@hffmcsd.org. Forms can be submitted via secure email that will be provided to you or faxed to 845-446-2138. 

    Thank you.