What to do if an employee has an on-the-job injury:


    • Immediately report the incident to the building Principal or School Nurse
      • The building Principal or School Nurse provides employee with the Benetech Incident Report (cardstock) and Claimant Information Packet.
        • Only the cardstock is required to be filled out and returned.  The Claimant Information Packet is for the employee to keep.


    • Employee completes Incident Report within 24 hours and submits to Personnel.
      • If the employee is unable to fill out the incident report, the building Principal or School Nurse must fill out the report.
      • Be sure to detach the bottom portion of the cardstock and provide it to the employee. 


    • If employee is treated for the injury:
      • A Physician report is required to be submitted to Personnel within 24 hours of visit.
      • Any follow up appointment reports should also be submitted within 24 hours of visit.


     Once all the necessary paperwork is received by Personnel, the claim is submitted to Benetech.   A representative from Benetech will get in contact with the employee.


    Carrier information:

    Benetech, Inc.

    PO Box 348

    Wynantskill, NY 12198

    Phone: 800-698-4753

    Fax: 518-880-4131