• New York State STAR Program

    The School Tax Assessment Relief (STAR) program provides eligible homeowners in New York State with relief on their property taxes.

    If you are a STAR recipient, you receive the benefit in one of two ways:

    • The STAR credit program (open to any eligible homeowner whose income is $500,000 or less)—you receive a check in the mail from the NYS Tax Department to apply to your school taxes
    • The STAR exemption program (now closed to new applicants)—you receive a direct reduction on your school tax bill in the form of a property tax exemption

    Changes to the Program made in 2019

    The value of the STAR credit may increase by as much as 2 percent each year, but the STAR exemption cannot increase; and the income limit for the Basic STAR exemption is now $250,000.

    For more information: The STAR program is not administered by the school district. For more information, call the NYS Tax Department at (518) 457-2047 or visit https://www.tax.ny.gov/star/default.htm.