Information on Ed Law 2D and the Part 121 Regulations

  • Ferpa Annual Announcement to Parents

    Directory Policy Information

    The right not to have Directory Information disclosed without prior written consent. 

    This School District designates the following items as Directory Information, and may disclose any of these items without prior written consent, unless notified to the contrary, in writing, to your child’s building principal by the parent/guardian or eligible student by September 30, 2020, or within 30 days of registering your child in the Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District: student’s name, date of birth, major course of study, participation in school activities or sports, weight and height if a member of an athletic team, degrees and awards received, photograph, e-mail address.

    Parents Bill of Rights

    Supplemental information to the PBOR


    Complaints by parents, eligible students, classroom teachers, building principals or other staff of the educational agency about possible breaches or improper disclosures of PII shall be addressed through the submission of written complaints. Complaints should be directed in
    writing to Dr. Andrea Tejedor, Data Protection Officer, by mail at: PO Box 287, Highland Falls, NY 10928; or via email to: