• Plagiarism is commonly thought of as the copying of work from other students or more prevalently sources off of the internet. While these are examples of plagiarism, plagiarism is actually taking someone else's thoughts and using them without citing it. So, the rephrasing of what is found on the internet or a friend's assignment is plagiarism. Students working together and sharing responses (for example, each student doing half and sharing with each other) is plagiarism. While I think students working together is an admirable thing, they must be careful that they are writing their own work.

    I do not take plagiarism personally, but I do take it seriously. Those who are caught will get a zero on the assignment, without an opportunity to make the work up, or the chance to do extra credit. Additionally, depending on the reasoning, attitude, repetition and severity of the offense(s), the student may also face disciplinary action from administration, as it is pointed out in the student handbook. This would include a disciplinary referral and whatever discipline administration would deem necessary.

    If there are questions or a lack of clarity please contact me.