Class expectations - What we need to do

  • English 9 can be a jolt to many students. The level and quantity of work can be something unexpected, especially in the Honors class. A student who puts forth an honest effort in class and does the required work outside of class will succeed. I expect to improve every student's reading and writing abilities. In order to do that, the student will not only have to follow in-class instructions, but also do the required after-school practice. If the student creates work that they are proud of, we will have a great time. If the student does not, they should seriously consider redoing the work.

    For Honors classes, approximately an hour of work is needed per day, five days a week. For Regents level classes, about half of that time is needed. This time may be different depending on the student. If one takes a longer time to create their work, obviously more time will be needed. 


    Students are almost always given ample time to complete assignments (usually no less than three days for a written assignment, multiple weeks for essays); it is their job to schedule their time to maximize productivity. Often quick grammar and instructional assignments will be due the next day.

    Assignments are expected at the beginning of class on the day that they are due. If it is not done (unless due to a legal absence) the student can hand it in to me by the end of the day for a deduction of 10 points. The student has up to two days to hand in late work. If it is handed in the next day or the day after, it will get a deduction of 20 points.

    I do not accept assignments by email or in my mailbox. For essay assignments (the only assignments that are required to be typed) I do not accept computer excuses (such as a lack of ink, computer broke down, etc.). The students are given a lot of time to complete essays and should have a handle on their essay long before the night before. The school has ample computers (also their friends) to be used as an alternate source for getting work done.




     These rules are clearly discussed in class. Please contact me if their are questions or a lack of clarity.