Clase de Espanol

  • Bienvenidos a Español  

    Dear parents and students,

    Learning Spanish requires being exposed to large amounts of the new vocabulary and grammar and getting accustomed to communicate in that language in various forms. Students will be asked to make every attempt to communicate in Spanish during class. Students are expected to use their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish. It is essential that students practice and learn these aspects in order to become acquainted to a new language. Below are the class expectations and grading criteria, along with other important information. My goal is to help our students learn Spanish and to use it to their advantage. We need to work together to accomplish this and to help our student realize the importance of learning a new language.

    I.            Grading Criteria

    Quarterly grades will be determined by the following:

    -        Test, Projects & Quizzes 80%

    -        Homework 10%

    -        Participation 10%

    II.         Class Expectations

    • All students must arrive on time, seated, and ready to work when the bell rings.

    CELL PHONES MUST BE PUT AWAY!!!  With the incorporation of Chromebooks,     there will rarely be a need for use of cellphones in class unless I specifically say so.!!! IF I SEE IT I WILL COLLECT IT!!!

    • All students must bring required materials to class everyday, which include:

    - 3-Ring soft binder with dividers

    - Student Planner (Given by School)

    - Chromebook (provided by school)

    - Pen, pencil, paper

    III.         Homework

    • All assignments must have the proper heading.

    • All assignments must be handed in on time.

    • Missed assignments due to illness, special programs or assemblies are the student’s responsibility and will be due the day following the absence. It is recommended that student attend after school to make up homework.

    • Extenuating circumstances regarding homework should be discussed with me and a plan will be implemented to complete any missed work in a timely fashion.

    • Be proud of your work! Neatness counts.

    IV.        Participation

    Pronunciation and ability to communicate in Spanish in various real-life and meaningful situations is most important. We need to work together to improve this ability. Participation in class is extremely important in order for me to help the student in this aspect.  

    V.         Other - Extra Help

    Extra help is offered Tuesday through Friday from 1:54 – 2:24. Students who are having difficulty are expected to attend. I am available to assist any student who needs additional reinforcement.

    VI.        The education of a child is a working partnership among the student, the student’s parents/guardians, and the teacher. Communication is critical if we are to be successful. I look forward to an exciting and successful year. Please feel free to call me at any time at 446-4914 or email me at with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Muchas Gracias.

    Maestro Lazo