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Why do we read?

"The Achilles heel of consciousness is that we forget. We forget what we stand for. We forget to maintain good relations with the people around us. The reason for story is to repair the damage that forgetting always does. The story comes along to say, so what about this? What about living like this?"

~ Barry Lopez

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On Writing


*Hemingway App - For Writing Concisely


*Seven Tips from Ernest Hemingway on How to Write Fiction


*Seven Tips from F. Scott Fitzgerald on How to Write Fiction

Articles on Writing

This article addresses the seemingly paradoxical answer on how reading improves writing.

*Get Better at Writing by Picking Up Patterns While Reading 

An interesting article on for aspiring poets.

*"How do I Start Writing Poems?"

Vocabulary Practice



*50 Collective Nouns to Boost Your Vocabulary


Word of the Day


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"The Commonwealth requires the education of the people as the safeguard of order and liberty."


The Boston Public Library, Boylston Street Entrance

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