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    Dear Students & Parents,


    This will be my 11th year teaching in the Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery School District. I absolutely love the study of biology. I like to keep many living organisms in my classroom for study purposes and for my students to also gain an appreciation of wildlife. I enjoy traveling to different parts of the world to learn about new cultures and the different types of biodiversity that exist in other regions of the world. It is my goal to impart that same appreciation for life's biodiversity and its "wonders" with my students. 


    Most H.W., Study Guides, & Assignments Posted on Google Classroom:


    REMEMBER, MOST CLASS INFORMATION IS PRESENTED ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM TODAY!!! Each student is given the password on the first day of school as well as directly invited. Feel free to email me for access.





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    Mr. Glotzer

    Regents Biology & AP Biology


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