• April 22, 2019: Week 2 we moved the trailers off the field. 


    April 12, 2019:  Broke ground for the capital project. Wrapping up week #1.


    Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery residents approve $23.4 million capital project

    HIGHLAND FALLS – On Tuesday, Oct. 17, residents of the Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District approved a $23.4 million capital project, with 330 residents voting “yes” and 182 voting “no.”

    "This project will create enormous opportunities for our students and our community," offered Mrs. Anne Lawless, president of the Board of Education.  "Our faculty and staff will have tremendous new tools with which to teach our children and we are so exited about the future.  I want to thank our community for coming out to show such support for our schools and our program. Without that support, this project would have never even been conceptualized nor come to frution."

    “This project was a long time in the making and will address the facilities needs of James I. O’Neill High School,” said Dr. Frank Sheboy, superintendent of schools. “We are certainly pleased with the results of this vote.  There are a great number of individuals and groups who deserve credit in bringing this project to the voters and working on a successful referendum.  The Board's leadership over the past two years of development was cruicial and the degree to which community leaders shared facutal information was paramount.  On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank all those who took time out of their day to vote on this referendum.”

    The approved capital project will address safety concerns; athletic facilities that are in disrepair; outdated science classrooms; accessibility for individuals with disabilities; and deteriorating parking lots and sidewalks at James I. O’Neill High School. There is no tax increase associated with the capital project.