• Rules and Procedures for Student Parking

    Every senior who has a license and steady access to a car and plans to drive gets a spot.  We ask them to be honest about that and we do random checks.
    After seniors get their spots, we determine how many extra spots there are and open them up to the juniors by lottery.  There will be two lotteries, one next week and one in January.  
    Those juniors who now have their license, steady access to a car, and plan to drive, will be eligible for the September lottery.  Those juniors who get their license after that, may enter their names in the January lottery.  The juniors who receive spots in September may re-enter their names in the January lottery, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to keep their spots for the whole year.
    That said, since having a parking spot is a senior privilege and some seniors will be getting their license in the near future, we do reserve a few spots for them.  However, once we are more sure of our numbers, we will open up those "reserved" spots to juniors to use only until those seniors are able to drive.  
    We understand the needs and the convenience of having a junior who can drive, but to be fair to all, the process is done by lottery.