• NYS Education Department Conducts Digital Equity Survey

    Dear Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery CSD Families:

    The COVID-19 Pandemic has highlighted how important technology (Internet and devices) are to student learning. Student home access to the Internet has become fundamental for schools across the nation as they plan strategies for continuous learning. Ensuring students have equal access to technology as well as the training needed to navigate digital tools is referred to as digital equity.  

    To better serve students, families, and educators, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) is conducting a Digital Equity Survey for all public school districts, charter schools, and BOCES across the state. The purpose of this survey is to understand and promote educational equity, including digital equity for all students in New York State. The data collected from this survey will also aid the Highland Falls Fort Montgomery School District’s understanding and support of students and families within our district.

    The HFFMCSD will begin to collect data for the Digital Equity Survey from now until May 5, 2023.

    The survey consists of nine questions created by NYSED. All questions must be answered for a completed survey. One survey is to be filled out for each child you have enrolled in the district. Families can access the Digital Equity Survey by using their SchoolTool Parent Portal (directions are included below).

    Included is a survey guidance document created by NYSED to assist parents/guardians with their responses. Thank you for taking the time to complete the Digital Equity Survey.

    Included Documents:  

    SchoolTool Parent Portal Log in and Password Assistance

    NYSED Digital Equity Survey Question Guidance

    More information from NYS about the survey can be found at (NOTE:This link does not access the survey itself)  NYSED Digital Equity Survey Information