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  • Welcome to my Physical Education classroom website!
    I am looking forward to an educational and exciting year for our students. 
    In Our physical education classes students are encouraged to develop an awareness of the importance of personal physical fitness and good health, as well as to recognize the importance of physical activity as a long-range approach to the full enjoyment of life. The program covers physical fitness, motor skills development, knowledge, social objectives and aesthetic value. The main components of the Physical Education program are class instruction, Project Adventure, intramurals, and interscholastic sports. Our curriculum is geared to meeting the New York State Learning Standards. Successful participation in Physical Education is required each year in grades 9-12.


    Class Schedule
    Peroid 2- A+B
    Peroid 3- A+B
     Peroid 5/6- A+B
    Peroid 8/9- A+B
    Peroid 10-A+B
    I will be available for extra help or to make up classes Tuesday-Friday 1:54pm-2:24pm.