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    Course web pages that correlate to each course are located to the left. On each page, you will find a tentative calendar as well as any pertinent resources needed for the course. Check on these webpages often for changes.

    About Mrs. Prunty: This is my 18th year in the district and 4th year as Department Chair. I graduated from Cornwall High School in 2000. I attended Mount St. Mary College where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. I'm currently enrolled at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville pursuing a 2nd Master's Degree in Mathematics. 

    2021-2022 Course Schedule: All courses are located in room 108.

    Period 1 - AP Calculus (AB)

    Period 2 - Algebra 1

    Period 3 - Prep

    Period 4 - Prep

    Period 5L - Lunch

    Period 6/7 - Geometry R

    Period 8/9 - Geometry R

    Period 10 - Prep

    Period 11 - Geometry R 

    Attendance: Class attendance requirements are in accordance with the James I. O’Neill Attendance Policy and the Eligibility Policy. **Lateness to class will result in a teacher detention served after school.

    Calculators: There is a class set of graphing calculators available. However, purchase of your own calculator is strongly suggested. Please refer to your specific course for calculator requirements.

    Homework: Homework is assigned every day and will be worked on either in class or at home. Please refer to your specific course for more on homework assignments.

    Missed Class: If you miss a quiz/test due to an absence, you must make it up after school within 1 week of the assignment. The grade will be entered as a zero. If one week passes, the zero remains a part of your grade. Please notify me beforehand, if possible, to get your missed work or to make up an assignment.  **If you miss class for band, chorus, field trip, etc… it is your responsibility to get the day’s notes and complete the HW assigned for that night.

    Grades: Grades are based on the following. 

         Mastery (80%) - Tests, Quizzes, Classwork, Homework.

         Effort (20%) - Class Participation, Friday Folders, HW Folders, Planner, Flash Cards, Labs

    Extra Help: Extra help is available Tuesday-Friday from 1:54-2:24 in room 108. No appointment necessary. 

    Parent Communications: Progress reports are provided approximately every five weeks. Report cards are issued every ten weeks. Parents may contact me through the main office by leaving a message or through e-mail.