Art Classes - 2017-18

  • Welcome to a new year of creating art!      

    The classes I teach are:

    Studio Art *Periods 4 and 5/6
    - A general studio art class that includes all aspects of creating art.  Students will create art projects that include a variety of subjects, a variety of materials and an understanding of the elements and principles of design. This class meets everyday for a full year and fulfils the NYS diploma requirement of a full year of art or music.  The class is also a prerequisite to other art classes.
    Drawing I and II: *Period 7/8
    - This studio course concentrates on various drawing experiences with various drawing materials.  Students will create work from observation and their imagination with a variety of subject matter.  This class is only offered during the Fall semester.  Two levels of this class are offered at the same time.
    Painting I and II: Spring Semester
    -This studio class concentrates on painting and is given only in the Spring semester.
    A.P. in Studio Art: *Period 1
    -This a college level studio art class where students work to create an art portfolio that they will submit to the college board for a grade.  Students in this class are extremely interested in art and plan to continue with art as a career.
    Advanced Studio Art: *Period 1
    - This the final class for students who want a art sequence for their academic diploma.  This class is for students who are interested in art and may wish to continue to study art in college.
    Digital Photography/Photo Shop: *Period 11
    This class covers the basics of digital photography and the basics of photo shop to enhance photos and create artistic images.
    *All my class projects are aligned with the NYS Standards for the Arts and include aspects of art history, photo history and analysis of art and photography.
    * When the class takes place this year.
    If you like to draw and paint but can't fit a class in your schedule, join Art Club! More info to follow!