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    Photograph of the Bear Mountain Bridge

    The Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District is located in the heart of the scenic Hudson River Valley and draws students from Highland Falls, Fort Montgomery, West Point, and Garrison. Adjacent to the United States Military Academy at West Point and 40 miles from New York City, the district offers a tremendous opportunity for cultural enrichment, athletics, leadership and highly competitive academics. Diversity broadens the educational experience at James I. O’Neill High School as local populations are interspersed with the children of military personnel from around the world who are stationed at the United States Military Academy.



    From the 1890's to the present the community of the Highland Falls Fort Montgomery Central School District has seen many changes in their schools for the education of their community. 

    1890's Up the old cow path, known as Mountain Avenue a hotel was renovated
    to become the Oak Grove School.

    Oak Grove class of 1891


    Classroom in the Oak Grove School

    Union Free School Highland Falls, New York


     Bell from the first school which now rests in The Highland Falls Intermediate School Lobby that tolled from 1891- 1930 to signify the start and end of the school day.


     Street in Highland Falls

    In 1910 there were 700 Students receiving education in Highland Falls.


    Highland Falls Hockey Team of 1911


    School Orchestra is 1925


    Cornerstone of Highland Falls School


    Highland Falls School in 1930

    Library in 1930    


      Library in 2009


    Aerial View Highland Falls School

    Science Lab in 1940 


                  Science Lab in 2009 


    1950’s Principal Professor O’Neill in his office. This is for whom the present High School is named.

    A Tribute to our Fallen Heroes by artist Glen Heberling which is now housed in the Intermediate School Lobby as a reminder of those Highland Falls Students who lost their lives from 1941-1945 in World War II


    The year 1960 marks the start of a new school which is needed for the elementary grades. The school will be called The Highland Falls Elementary School. It was closed in the late 1990’s due to financial reasons and was later reopened in 2000, only to be closed again in 2010. 


     Drivers Education in 1962 brought a new class of drivers to the Town of Highlands


     1970’s marked the end of Vietnam and a new school for Highland Falls,
    the James I. O’Neill High School


    1972 marked a tragic event in the Highland Falls School, the fire of November 14, 1972


    The Auditorium is gone


    A new hallway to learning in the Middle School 1981


    June 2000


    Construction begins in 2000 for a new school addition.

    It will be two years before the school is finished.


     Construction of the New Wing


    After eight years as a middle school, in 2010 this building becomes the Highland Falls Intermediate School serving grades 3-8.

    Fort Montgomery Elementary School has had many additions since it was first built in 1930. The first addition was added in the 1960’s and the upper addition was completed in the 1990's.

    Cornerstone of Fort Montgomery Elementary School with playground in background.