Highland Falls Intermediate School Guidance Office

  • Welcome from the School Counselors

    At Highland Falls Intermediate School (HFIS), our Comprehensive School Counseling Program serves to support and encourage all students, grades 3-8. As they transition from the primary level, through elementary and begin their secondary education, HFIS school counselors work collaboratively with students, teachers, parents and staff for all students to reach their maximum potential. Additionally, the HFIS school counselors partner with the local community to plan programs and activities that promote family and community engagement and recognize our diverse student population.
    Who are your school counselors?
    Trisha Hannigan-VanZetta, Grades 3-5   
    845-446-4761 (x3600) 


    Caitlin Nichols, Grades 6-8  
    845-446-4761 (x2602)  


    What does the school counselor do?

    The school counselor supports students using a variety of strategies, activities, and resources to acheive academic success, college and career readiness, and social/emotion development in line with the American School Counselor Association standards (ASCA).

    The school counselor serves as a student advocate who believes that all students can learn. In an effort to support the healthy development of all students, the school counselor works with students, parents, teachers, administrators and community partners in a variety of ways including:

    • School Counseling Core Curriculum
    • Individual Student Planning
    • Responsive Services
    • Consultation and Collaboration
    • Coordination/support of Respect for All and Positivity Project

    Ms. Hannigan and Ms. Nichols also serve as the Dignity for All Students Act Coordinators at HFIS, along with the building's Assistant Principal. 

    Click on the following link for more information: Dignity Act

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