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  • Welcome to Physical Education

    Mr. Tim Hendershot

    Intermediate School PE classes are conducted in accordance with the objectives of the New York State Curriculum Frame Work for Physical Education that call for development in the following:

    1. Personal Fitness / Wellness
    2. Motor / Movement Skill Development
    3. Personal Living Skills

    The goal of the PE program is to make the transition from basic skill development to the Sport Education Model of PE. This is where all sports that are offered at the high school level will be addressed in class. This transition to team sport play is often a difficult one. Much emphasis is placed on the Personal Living Skill, which includes cooperation, respect for the differences of others, honesty, fair play, leadership, and trust as some of the main focuses. This objective must be reached prior to team play or the students will not work as a proper functioning team should. Once this is established, then we can progress from skill development to team play.

    PE Expectations

    1. Properly Dressed to Participate
    2. Gives Respect to students, teacher, PE equipment, and gym
    3. Actively listens to all directions and safety measures
    4. Shows teamwork and sportsmanship
    5. Do your personal best!!!

    Any questions or concerns please contact Mr. Hendershot at the Intermediate School 446-4761