Science - HFIS: 7th/8th grade


Dear Students and Parents,

 I would like to welcome you to science class here at Highland Falls Intermediate School. Our science program is designed to provide a foundation for science application, and make our students aware of science in action every day, all around us.  Lets have a great year! We have made amazing strides this year adopting a new curriculum as well as becoming a leading green classroom. We have gone paperless since October and plans for more are on the docket. You can follow your young scientists progress at any time during the year by viewing their Google Classroom page. All assignments, grades, and links are available 24/7. Classroom codes are listed below.

801 (1st period): class code rro8ma0

802 (2nd period): class code 5mgw3t

701 (4th period): class code 8l7l2d

702 (6th period): class code 54n9jj

703 (7th period): class code xbdakom

Please feel free to contact me at any time throughout the school year with questions and concerns (contact info below). 


Phone: 845-446-4761

Outside our classroom! Love the Hudson Valley!