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    Welcome to Mrs. Smith's  

    2019-2020 School Year Webpage

    Please check ClassDojo for assignments


    I look forward to assisting and teaching our students as well as learning from them.  My intention is for us to use the best resources and technology available.  This webpage will keep you updated on information related to the classes I teach.  

    Please check out all the related pages and enjoy :)

    You may want to try a puzzle or a game, look for a math resource/video, or look at the many webpages related to the NYS Math Exam which includes sample tests and a list of topics related to the exam.  

    I invite you to email me with additional links, games, videos, etc which could be added to this website as a learning resource related to mathematics.  I look forward to collaborating with students, parents, and teachers to ensure the success of our students.  Together we can support our strong community of math learners. 

    This school year I will be teaching the following classes:

    Period 3:  Math Enrichment/Lab

    Period 4:  Math 7

    Period 5:  Math 7 Lab

    Period 8:  Math 7 AIS

    Period 9:  Math 7

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