• Welcome to the Fort Montgomery Elementary School (FMES).  We are a Pre-k through 2nd grade primary school that fosters the growth of over a 200 students.  Our outstanding faculty and staff go above and beyond each and every day to make sure we provide a safe and positive learning enviornment for the students.  As the foundation of the Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District, we pride oursevlves on nurturing, educating, challening, and supporting our students in prepration for the Highland Falls Intermeidate School and eventually the James I. O'Neill High School.  

    FMES continues to provide new and exciting ways for our students to learn.  Last year, the Fundations phonics program was introduced throughout the building with great success.  The Fundations program helps us provide an engaging approach to teaching phonics, which supports our goal of encouraging our students to become life-long readers.  Last year we also added Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Teaching Reading to our ELA curriculum.  We are excited about the new opportunities for our teachers and students to grow as learners together.  

    Each year, FMES is looking to make a positive impact on students and their families.  This year we are going to continue to promote and encourage families to read at home.  Operation Read, code name B.E.A.R. which stands for Books Everywhere, Always Reading, is a reading initative implemented by Mr. McElduff, which will allow students to bring books home from our hallway libraries and read with their families each night.  We want reading to be a priority not only in our schools, but also at home.  We thank the parents and families for supporting this initiate.

    Finally, we are continuing our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) implementation.  PBIS is a model that focuses on teaching the expected behaviors, in all areas of the school, such as on the bus and in the cafeteria.  To illustrate, our expected behaviors on the bus include 1) talking to person next to you, 2) keeping backpacks closed and 3) staying seated at all times.  After teaching the expected behaviors, staff reward students for demonstrating the expected behaviors.  The overall goal of PBIS is to minimize misbehavior by providing a predictable and positive school environment.  

    Parents, to find out even more about all the wonderful things that are happening at FMES, please go to classdojo.com.  

    We look forward to another exciting school year with your children!