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    Incoming/Outgoing Transfers

    Incoming 9th Graders & Transfer Students:

    8th Grade Presentation Video - Please watch this video for information for 8th graders planning to attend O'Neill next year.

    8th Grade Parent Night Video - James I O'Neill invites families to the 8th Grade Virtual Parent Night which was held on Tuesday Feb 2 at 7:00pm. 



    Incoming Transfers:

    Welcome to O'Neill!  To enroll your son/daughter, please click HERE to access our registration page.

    You may click on the links below for more information about our school:

    School Profile

    Course Selection Guide

    Minimum Graduation Requirements

    School Calendar


    The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children:

    • You may click here for more information on the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children and frequently asked questions.
    • Please see the attached sample template (listed below under Related Files) provided to support the transition of military children into New York State Schools. To gain access to the interactive links on this form, please go to this link here and click on the "Sample Template: Exam Equivalent Attestation Letter for Out of State Principals."


    Student 2 Student Ambassador Program (S2S): 

    As with anything new, moving can be a challenging experience.  To ease this transition, we strongly encourage you to participate in our Student Ambassador Program. 

    Once enrolled, you will be contacted by a student sponsor currently attending O'Neill, who will help support you in this transition.  Your Ambassador will work closely with you and your School Counselor.  He or she will assist you in touring the school building and opening your locker, eat lunch with you, and introduce you to new friends and opportunities at O'Neill.  Most importantly, you can connect with someone before you start at O'Neill. 

    In order to make a good match, we ask that you complete the Sponsor Request Form HERE.  You will be contacted by your Student Ambassador shortly afterward.  If you have any questions about this program, please contact Mrs. Milano, School Counselor and S2S Advisor, at or 845-446-4914 x2600.


    Outgoing Transfers:

    If your son/daughter is transferring from O'Neill during the school year, please have him/her stop by the Guidance Office to pick up the official withdrawal form, or you may print it HERE.  The form must be signed by you (parent/guardian) and filled out by teachers, the librarian, the Main Office and your son/daughter's Guidance Counselor.  The form must be returned to the Guidance Office once it has been completely filled out. 

    Students transferring during the summer do not need to fill out the withdrawal form.

    Once you enroll your son/daughter at his/her new school, please have that school request records from Ms. Ward (fax: 845-446-2138).  All official records will be faxed and mailed directly to your child's new school. 

    If you are transferring during the summer, please keep in mind that O'Neill does not finish school until the end of June, so student transcripts will not be ready until mid-July.  Any record requests will be held until transcripts have been prepared.  


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