National Honor Society

  • Request for Consideration form This is so we know who intends to apply.

    Activity form:This is your application.

    Character Reference form: Print two of these and give to adults outside the O'Neill Community as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can email the link to your recommenders and have them email it to me.  A hard copy is not necessary

    Guidelines for applying READ THIS CAREFULLY!

    Note: You should ask two adults for recommendations as soon as possible to give them enough time.  It will be held against you if they are not in on time.  


    Important due dates for 2018 selection process:

    Request for consideration form: November 1

    Student Activity form: November 5

    Recommendations: November 5

    Meeting: 10/31 in room 226 at 2:30

    (Please don't come early, expanded day is not for club activities!)



    Welcome to the James I. O'Neill chapter of the National Honor Society!

    The National Honor Society is a prestigious organization for Juniors and Seniors who meet our chapter's criteria. In order to join, students must exhibit character, scholarship, leadership and service. Younger students who aspire to become a member in their Junior year are encouraged to be involved in school and community activities to demonstrate those qualities from the time they enter high school. 

    Once you are a member, our chapter is primarily a service club, running several school and community projects throughout the year.  Students are also required to document 10 hours of service to their school or community each quarter.  Participation in certain club or leadership activities count toward this requirement.  In addition, NHS students are often called upon to act as ambassadors and tour guides for parent nights and new student activities, and are required to participate in our peer tutoring/homework center program.

    How to join our chapter:

    Students are invited to begin the selection process in the fall of their junior or senior year. While the national organization offers a minimum average for qualification, chapters are encouraged to create their own bylaws.  Our chapter requires a minimum cumulative average of 92.00% weighted, or 89.00% unweighted.  Student averages are not rounded for consideration.

    Students should download the attached files and begin the application process. There will be a meeting on October 31, 2018 in 226 at 2:30 to learn more about our club and how members are selected.  They will also be asked to provide two letters of recommendation from adults outside of the school community.  All staff and coaches are invited to comment on each candidate’s integrity, character, and leadership potential as has been demonstrated in their interactions with the student. 

    Transfer students:

    Transfer students that have already been inducted at their previous school are automatically considered members of our chapter.  They should introduce themselves to the advisor at their earliest convenience and provide a copy of their certificate and/or membership card from their previous chapter.  They are expected to attend meetings, participate in projects, and document 10 service hours per quarter. 

    In some instances, the student’s previous chapter will require a lower average than our chapter requires   If the student is already a member, but has a lower average than our minimum, they are given one semester to raise their average to meet this requirement.   

    Transfer students will be formally recognized at our induction ceremony in November.

    NHS Scholarship:

    Applications for the NHS Scholarship application are now being accepted! This year, 600 of the most outstanding NHS seniors will be selected for $2 million in funding, with one national winner receiving a $25,000 scholarship. All NHS senior members in good standing will be eligible to apply. Keep these dates in mind: student applications are due December 7, and faculty recommendations are due December 14. Learn more and direct seniors to apply today


    Once students have been inducted into the National Honor Society, they are required to uphold the standards of character, scholarship, leadership and service.  Students who fail to meet any of these requirements will receive a warning letter and one quarter to rectify the situation.  Flagrant violation of school rules can result in immediate dismissal without warning. Specific behavioral expectations will be discussed with inductees before they become members.

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