• What should I do in the case of an absence or lateness?


    • ABSENCE:  Parents:  On the day of your child’s absence, please call the attendance office to report the absence, then follow up the next day with a note confirming the reason. See Student Handbook and District Attendance Policy on our website. Students:  Check your teachers’ websites or email them for any work you may be missing.


    • LATENESS TO SCHOOL:  Students are to sign in at the Attendance Desk in the Lobby upon entering the building.  After October 3rd, each unexcused lateness will result in an After-School Detention (ASD).


    • LATENESS TO CLASS:  Students are expected to be in class on time and ready to work. Each lateness to class will result in a teacher detention (from 1:54-2:24). Repeated lateness to class my result in an administrative detention.

    A bit of advice…Go to your locker before 1st period and get everything you need for your morning classes.  Before lunch, switch books, etc., for your afternoon classes.  This will help you be on time for class and save your back. Use your locker and don’t carry all of your books throughout the day.  It will save you from back problems later on.


    Are cell phones allowed in school?

    • CELL PHONES may be used in the Library, study halls and in the Cafeteria.
    • EARBUDS are never allowed in the hallways nor during an emergency drill.


    Is there a dress code in the high school?

    • Come to school dressed to learn.  Clothing should not be a distraction.
    • Therefore, no hats, not hoods, no bandanas, no cropped tops.  
    • Please refer to the Dress Code in the Student Handbook for a more complete list.


    What is expanded day?

    • Tuesday – Friday from 1:54 – 2:24, students are encouraged to stay with any teacher for extra help, to make up a quiz, or just to get started on homework.  We provide a late bus at 2:30.