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FMES Starts Operation Read!

Launching Operation Read (Code Name: B.E.A.R. (Books Everywhere Always Reading))

Children reading in a group The goal is simple!  Encourage students to want to read and be apart of something fun and exciting.  We want students to take a book home every night to their home and read it with a parent, sibling, guardian, etc..  We want students to go back to their classroom at lunch because they forgot to bring a book with them.  If a student is not a reader yet, we want to encourage them to have a book with them anyway, because one day (soon) they will be a reader.  

Most importantly we want our students to realize the power that reading gives them!    

Phase 1 of Operation Read:   Students will have access to books throughout the day, including the hallways, and cafeteria.  There are 5 book shelves throughout the hallways with 2 additional mobile book shelves for the cafeteria during Lunch.  Students will be encouraged by faculty, staff and administration to have a book with them wherever they go.

Children reading independently in the classroom

Phase 2 of Operation Read:  With a generous donation in books from Scholastic, we were able to stock our book shelves with stories that students love.  The PTP is also donating book marks for every student and stickers that will be placed on the books with the B.E.A.R. logo.  As the year goes on, we will have SWAG for faculty, staff, students and families, as well as contests and celebrations.

Phase 3 of Operation Read:  Faculty and staff will play an intrical part of making sure the students take advantage of this amazing opportunity. With the help of our Community Engagement Team and Literacy Team, our 1st and 2nd grade students will be the “ambassadors” for the building. Students will be expected to read a book quietly from 7:50-8:00 AM every morning outside of their classrooms.  Students will also be expected to bring a B.E.A.R. book with them when they leave the classroom to go to specials, lunch and at dismissal.

On September 18th, FMES will officially kickoff the B.E.A.R. program with a “Caught Reading Challenge”.  

Faculty and Staff will be encouraged to capture students reading or carrying books and then post the pictures on Class Dojo for families to see. Parents will also be encouraged to take pictures of their children reading at home, bringing books with them in the car, to the store, etc.. and send the pictures to the classroom teachers so we can add them on Class Dojo!  By October, the expectation is that Kindergarten will be participating in Operation Read and by November/December, our Pre-K friends will join in.  

Phase 4 of Operation Read:  Includes raising money so we can begin to install Libraries throughout the community.  With the help of the PTP, we are going to reach out to 3-4 community stores and ask to place a library book shelf in their store.  This shelf will have the B.E.A.R. symbol on it and students will know they can take a book to read while mom/dad are running errands.  Parents will also know they can drop B.E.A.R. books off at any location or pick-up a book to bring home.

Phase 5 of Operation Read: Will include bringing a writing component into Operation Read.  We will partner up with the HFIS and JIO and encourage students to write their own books to be published and placed on our B.E.A.R. bookshelves.  FMES will also begin writing their own books, editing and binding the books so that others may enjoy the hard work and effort they put into becoming a published author.  The PTP will look to bring in authors to read to the students but also talk about how exciting writing your own book is.

Click here for the offical Caught Reading Challenge Poster!