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Youth-in-Government Club at James I. O’Neill H.S. attend Orange County Youth Service Day

Seven members of the Senior Class and the Youth-in-Government club at James I. O’Neill H.S. attended the annual Orange County Youth Service Day on April 5, 2019.  The members were accompanied by club advisors; Chris Coyne, Nicole Glennon and Jorma Tompuri.  The students began their day at the Orange County Government Center in Goshen and then got to spend the morning with various department leaders and were able to get a first-hand look at how our county government operates. 


Student:                                             Department:

Owen Bieger                                       County Executive

Luke Kilner & Will Van Poppel               Legislature

Sawyer Vermeesch                              Social Services

Suzy Wright                                        Supreme Court

Michaela Reinertsen                             District Attorney

Abby Gash                                          Parks & Recreation


County Executive Steve Neuhaus is currently deployed with his Naval Reserve unit in Iraq and face-timed Owen Bieger (who won the election for Youth-in-Government County Executive).  Michaela Reinertsen won the election for D.A. & spent part of the morning with Orange County District Attorney, David Hoovler.

Morning sessions were followed by lunch at the Holiday Inn in Middletown where County Legislator Rob Sassi addressed the audience.  This is the 75th year for Youth-in-Government and Mr. Sassi & Nancy Faddis-DeCerbo (OU Boces coordinator) presented the first trophy for Outstanding Student Recognition which will be given annually to the school that has the most winning candidates for office.  This year’s winner was James I. O’Neill!

The following students won county and state positions:

Owen Bieger                      County Executive

Michaela Reinertsen            District Attorney

Ajay Nylander                     State Senator

Mitch Browne                      State Senator

Nathalia Rodriguez              Attorney General

Jack Kelly                           State Assembly


The state winners will go to Albany for state recognition & a luncheon on May 21st.  The students all expressed how they couldn’t believe how much fun government was and what a fantastic experience the day was! 



Will Van Poppel, Suzy Wright, Michaela Reinertsen, Sawyer Vermeesch, Owen Bieger, Abby Gash, (kneeling) Luke Kilner


Sawyer Faith

with teachers



at desk

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